Week 4

Team members came from Remington, Wolcott, Pennsylvania, Bloomington, Sardis, Morris, Rockville, Goodfield, Kentucky, Bluffton, Forrest, Detroit, and Princeville.

Saturdays are usually filled with jobs getting ready for the next work week.

Glasgow house was wired, plumbing completed and inspected. On Friday insulation and drywall was being installed.

Windows and doors were put in all the homes.

Roofs were completed. (Riley)

Exterior painting was finished at Kisamore’s.

New site was prepared, footings poured, and block laid at Scoggins.

Back at the ranch trim for the houses was painted and shelves created for great drying spaces.

Team members spend time with homeowners, hearing of their losses and their journeys through various disasters.

Construction leader teamwork is a great blessing. (Ramon)

Continued beautiful weather helped productivity of the homes. (Romero)

Remodeling at the Spence home also included assembling a metal outbuilding.