Week 4

Team 4 came from Bluffton, Sardis, Rittman, Francesville, Columbus, Peoria, Missouri, Peachtree City, Tremont, Silverton, Latty, Florida, Prescott, Junction, Detroit, Goodfield, and Smithville. Memory Verse for the week was Mark 12:30-31.

A daily team reminder of the attitude to be attained.

This keyboard serves as a tool to track availability of HarvestCall vehicles.

Eager and ready to start the work day.

Important part of Monday morning.

Monday morning -- measuring boards for the flooring at the Wells home.

Lunch break after a busy morning at the Wells home.

Still Monday and first wall is going up.

By Friday the Wells home was enclosed with windows and a locked front door.

At the Livingston home preparation was made for the sub floor.

This week blessed us with good weather and more great team members. The Livingston home also started with the foundation and ended Friday with windows and a locked front door.

Juan comes from work every day to help with his home. This week he was especially happy to have someone that could speak Spanish with him.

Walls, roof and soffit work at Juan's home.

Prayers were answered!! After months of seeking, Wednesday morning the Lord led us to the right South Carolina electrician. Work proceeded immediately.

Final touch ups at the Jones remodeled home.

Getting accessories in place means the Cynthia families move-in date is getting close.

All new windows were installed at the Jones house.

This week an outside transformation took place at the Jones house.

Joy can still be found in everyday duties....

The camp manager Troy gives the volunteers a taste of southern cooking by making his homemade grits.