Week 5

Volunteers this week came from: Bluffton, Bradford, Cissna Park, Eureka, Indianapolis, Latty, Milford, Morris, Peachtree City, Peoria, Princeville, Remington, Silverton, Tremont, Washington, Wolcott

Dishwashing time in the kitchen

There is enough energy left at the end of the day to still play games

Finishing drywall at Barbara's new home

Scripture written in concrete prior to flooring

Flooring crew finishing a corner at Sergio & Alma's house

New kitchen being installed for Chester & Pam

Traversing the mud has been a constant battle at Anesse's new home

Installing drywall up high in tight quarters

Starting the decking on Anesse's front porch

Receiving instructions from the construction leader

Evening sing-a-long

Work crew enjoying a Chick-fil-A lunch that Alma provided in her home

Giving thanks for our many blessings

Building relationships at Sergio and Alma's house

Feeding the insulation blower at Linda's new home

Gathering in the "Wednesday Room", preparing for dinner and church services on Wednesday evening

Explaining the characteristics of a "Titus 2 church" on Wednesday evening

Going through the breakfast line prior to starting the day's work