Week 6

Team members came from Purdue….Churches represented were Bluffton, West Lafayette, Lester, Washington, La Crosse, Francesville, Roanoke, Peoria, Forrest, Milford, and Wolcott.

Monday morning beginnings always require some patience.

Communication is vital for the success of the homes getting completed correctly.

The home being remodeled in Manor, made great progress this week.

The team became known as the "6 cone" group at McDonalds.

The addition project made great progress as old shingles were torn off and new ones put on.

The Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team was so pleased to have college students that they treated the team to a wonderful Texas meal at Southside Market.

Scripture was recorded on the walls, insulation installed and then drywall hung.

A good mudding teacher enabled the team to complete a home and part of the second one. Time for the painters to enter.

Digging the connecting lines required a Root Beer float break.

Tillie and Bronco help save many steps for the cooks.

Kitchen cabinets for the new homes arrived. Very thankful for Jerry our rancher and his fork lift.

After a week together team members become really good friends.