Week 6

Week 6 came from Junction, Peachtree City, Rockville, Goodfield, Forrest, Detroit, Lester, Milford, Latty, Cissna Park, Smithville, Burlington, Bluffton, Elgin, Princeville.                    
Weekly Memory Verse was Psalm 92:1,2

Sewer and water lines were hooked up at all 4 new homes.

God's work, our hands.
A loving way to celebrate Valentines Day... the Jones family moves home!

Inside the 2 story remodeled home. Countless hours brought this project to completion.

Stan brings his ladder to the Welcome Home Event. One more little job!

Emotional moments makes it hard to find words. The family knew Stan just needed a hug.

Successful job completion made possible with a supportive wife.

Cynthia receives the key to her home!

God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good. At the event, Jamir related Cynthia had endured many hardships and now has been so blessed with good, which reminded us of Christ's suffering on the cross and how much good was brought to all mankind.

A very happy, thankful family.

"Teamwork: Simply stated is less me and more we." Martha's work site.

Monday afternoon footings formed and poured. I now have found a firm foundation, Wherever more my anchor grounds ...

Block upon block... Tuesday full day's work

Obstacles to overcome, but thankfully Thursday floor joists were installed on Martha's home.

Psalm 92:1
"It is a good thing to give thanks unto the LORD..." One more roof. No injuries!

At Cabrera's, drywall hung and mudding began.

Teaching the neighbor girls, Yes - Jesus loves me!

At Cabrera's, the team completes building the porch.

At the Wells home, the dirt gets filled in around the house.

Electrical and plumbing passes inspection and insulation is installed. The ladies felt they were working with quilt batting and cut away to have pieces fit exactly.

Rebuilding homes, rebuilding hope, one step at a time at Livingston home!

Electrical and plumbing completed at Livingston and next week will be insulation.

After school the neighbors at Livingston love stopping by to watch action.

Passing the baton from one good cook to the next.

It's an honor to serve.