Week Six

Team 6 came from Wolcott, Remington, Sabetha, Morris, Bluffton, Lester, Elgin, Silverton, Roanoke, Junction, Fairbury, Bern, and Goodfield.

So thankful the predicted rain disappeared. On Monday footings dug, inspection passed and concrete poured on the 4th house which was for Ms. Honeybunch.

By Friday, the foundation completed, waiting for inspection so framing can begin.

Also on Monday the 7th home came down and by Friday the footings were being poured at Cannonball & Liz home.

So appreciative that these last four homes are all within walking distance.  Ms. Frances' home was down and footings also dug, poured and block wall up all this week.

Ms. Cynthia joins us for dinner and shares her joy and thankfulness. Floors were installed at her home and final trim work began.

Doing their job cheerfully..painting is accomplished at Ms. Joyce's home and flooring installed.

At Ms. Felicia's, insulation, dry wall and painting all completed this week.

At Ms. Jackie's, the week started with the floor and ended with an enclosed home.

Great team work!

God’s blessings and direction is how all this is possible. The strength He gives each team member to perform their daily task is truly a gift. Organized supplies keep the ministry running smoothly as well as happy leaders.

Two more remodel jobs: At Mr. David's home, bathroom torn out and new flooring installed.

Ms. Janie and her daughter are so happy with a new bathroom and a closet with a floor that has been built back up.

Taking time to visit and pray with homeowners.

Valentines Day was a great day to celebrate Ms. Lou Alice's Welcome Home event. The team sang her favorite song..Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.

There were tears of joy as the keys were handed over to her and she cut the ribbon to her completed new remodeled home.

Early morning start In the Word!