Week 6

Volunteers this week came from: Alto, Bastrop, Bern, Bluffton, Bradford, Cissna Park, Forrest, La Crosse, Lester, Mansfield, Morton, Princeville, Sabetha, Washington

Homeowner Annese getting one of her first looks at her new home

Smiles from homeowner Renee because it was the first day of working on her new home

Homeowner Renee and her family enjoying an evening meal with the HarvestCall volunteers

Homeowners Lonnie & Pam with their grandchildren have been regular visitors for dinner

Volunteers sign posters and Bibles for all homeowners, including their favorite Bible verses

Travelling to and from job sites provides opportunities for forming relationships

Appliances being delivered to Nadine's new home

Foundation going in on house #6 - Renee's new home

Jerry surprised the ladies on Valentine's Day

Homeowner Jason working with volunteers on his own new home

Lots of activity on Jason & Megan's new home

Friend of homeowners Jason & Megan receiving a blessing bag from a volunteer

Homeowners Jason & Megan's neighbor passed away, and the volunteers had a prayer with the family as they stopped by to visit Jason & Megan's new home

Sharing a prayer with homeowner Linda and her caretaker

A talented group of musicians led the singing after dinner

Helping homeowners Jason & Danielle move into their newly remodeled home

Installing the kitchen in Nadine's new home

Final cleaning before move in for Jason & Danielle's remodeled home

Starting the demolition of Paul's home in preparation for remodeling

The girls' newly remodeled bedroom in Jason & Danielle's home