Week 7

Team Members came from Illinois Central College. Churches represented were Roanoke, Peoria, Washington, Lester, Morton, Princeville, Goodfield, Tremont, Austin, Fairbury, and Remington.

Amazing accomplishments and completion on the Spence home.

The team ended their work by praying with the homeowner.

Insulation was installed in the crawl spaces of all five homes.

The 5th home had the wall insulation installed. There was a warning to not suffer inflammation from the inhalation of the installation of the insulation.

This was the week for cabinets to be installed in two of the homes. Seeing progress is so rewarding.

Teamwork brings tremendous results.

Laminate flooring was installed in three of them homes.

The 4th home was drywalled.

The greatest news of all time was written on Robert’s home.

Great week getting siding on and painted.

At the ranch, painters were busy with door and window frames and inscribing the word of God.

Spent an evening remembering our Saviors death and resurrection and singing hymns.