Week 8

Week 8 volunteers came from Bluffton, Sardis, Bloomington, Detroit, Goodfield, Tremont, Milford, Princeville, Washington, Fairbury, Rockville, Sabetha, Bern, Wolcott, Silverton, Forrest, Wichita, Remington, California, and Pennsylvania.
Memory Verse for the week was Psalm 19:14

The Shokti's house (blind homeowner) roof is torn off and replaced with brand new.

Tall volunteers made final window installation at the Cynthia Home go smoothly.

Exciting progress at Ms. Martha's home with electrical, plumbing and insulation work being done. More underground work and still smiling. By Friday walls and ceiling were ready for drywall.

Delayed windows arrived at the 11th hour at Ms. Martha's house!

Each day we'll do a golden deed, by helping those in need. An efficient mudding crew at the Livingston house. Painting occurred by the end of the week.

Always a special time when homeowners (Brenda Livingston) come to meet the team.

At the Juan Cabrera home flooring was installed and final trim work began.

The Inez family joined us for fellowship and one of our wonderful meals. Remodeling work is being done at their home.

The Wells home was painted this week.

He maketh my feet like hinds' feet, and setteth me upon my high places. Ps.18:33 
New roof and remodel work begins at the Pitt's home.

God sent volunteers with the right knowledge to tackle this project.

The roof at the Pitt's house was covered with metal for a variety of reasons.

Thankful for God's protection on this steep and precarious roof. Finished on Wednesday and it rained Wednesday night. This homes inside remodel work began immediately after the roof was completed.

A new project began this week for Ms. Freddie Mae and her family.

On Wednesday the team moved her personal belongings to the pods. She blessed us all with her faith in God and the belief that help was on the way.

On Thursday demolition took place so the entire inside could be remodeled.

Ms Martha joined the kitchen staff as they served floats to team members at each work site.

One of the camps comfortable bunkhouses.