Week 9

Team members came from Eureka, Mediapolis, Phoenix, Roanoke, Rockville, Leo, Fairbury, Sardis, Silverton, Bradford, California, Forrest, and Chicago.

So much joy is expressed with beautiful Christian friendships.

The Leaders can be found having their meetings in almost any location.

Monday morning -- ready to begin. It's always interesting to see if everyone gets their lunch in the right cooler, then in the correct van. One team member did not and decided he got more to eat with everyone sharing part of their lunch.

Early morning sausage grilling makes for a great breakfast.

Much action at the Rita Ramon home. Lights hung, caulking, painting, soffit, fascia and siding.

At the Romero home the paint crew covered the walls in no time at all. Outside lots of stumps were removed and dirt was filled in around the foundation.

Dirt work made for a smooth finished look and much safer ground to put up the siding.

At Scoggins: steps and a ramp were built and siding began. Inside the mud was flying on the walls.

Final trim work at Glasgow.

Even though they “don’t do heights” these ladies kept on smiling while willingly serving.

While team members kept busy building, there were always willing workers back in the kitchen building wonderful meals.

Supper time is always a special time to come together for nourishment and sharing stories of the day’s events.