Week Nine

Team 9 came from Mediapolis, Champaign, Morris, Morton, Forrest, South Carolina, Rockville, West Bend, Latty, Bluffton, Sabetha, Nashville, Princeville, and Bay City.

The long term family began the week with an inspired devotion about praise and righteousness springing forth.  We were reminded it's all about the basics of the gospel.

Still chilly, but this team was one of the few that have been able to worship outside.

Another steep roof started this week.

The team was very cautious and used good safety techniques.

One day of rain, but the team kept busy on other jobs.

Great progress for one homeowner, Ms. Sybal.  We moved her to a motel and the next day her mobile home was taken down and lot cleared to make room for her new mobile home.

As the excavator was taking the home down, he spotted the Holy Bible and stopped. He wanted God's Word removed before he did further destruction.

The Boulware family had siding repaired and a new entry.

Writing the Word to remain in Ms. Felicia home.

Ms. Felicia loves hats and was elated to choose one that had been handmade and donated from our Eureka church family.

At Ms. Jackie's, the painting was completed and flooring installed.

Ms Honeybunch's ramp was built, drywall mudded and inside painting completed.

Ms. Frances' house also had drywall hung and mudding accomplished.

At the Cannonball & Liz home, the week started with stud walls and ended with completed wiring and drywall taped.

Wednesday night we were blessed with 5 of our 8 homeowners attending dinner and church services expressing how thankful they were for the new hope they have in life. Councilman Carlos, who has led us to people in need, and Pastor Kevin from Ember Church also attended. They have observed that HarvestCall not only builds homes but loves on the people of Chester community.

The kitchen team did their weekly delivery of snacks. They also provided a quiz with prizes Thursday evening sharing some information about the food they used for the week. They prepared #189 meat, used #48 butter, #47 flour, 60 dz eggs, #35 potatoes, 160 cuties, and 750 cups coffee & much more. The team had sufficient nutrition!

Sharing the gospel is a main focus. The question was asked, Why should we share the gospel? It was then shared that 150,000 people enter eternity EVERYDAY.  Have we done our part in sharing the Good News?