Week Eight

Team 8 came from Sabetha, Princeville, Bradford, Forrest, Bluffton, Eureka, Junction, Fairbury, Detroit, Mediapolis and Rockville.

Seventh and final new home (Cannonball & Liz) gets framed and enclosed during week eight.

Even though we had some pretty significant rain, this team persevered and work continued.

The cooks treat the team to snacks even if the weather isn’t the best.

 Ms. Jackie's home was mudded and ready for paint.

Honeybunch's home passed inspection and the drywall went up while the siding was completed outside.

Rain over the weekend left a Monday morning clean up job at Ms. Frances' home, but blessings followed.

Exciting to be working on Punch List items at Ms. Cynthia's.

A handicap ramp and a new back porch will be helpful improvements for James and Pauline.

Another metal roof installed, assures homeowner better protection.

Friday's camp & vehicle cleaning crew enjoy lunch outside.

Donated pecans provide fellowship opportunities and some scrumptious eating.

Evening activities bring the team closer yet. Working and playing together.