Week Five

Team Five came from Fairbury, Lamar, Princeville, Sardis, Lester, Rittman, Bloomington, Bluffton, Peachtree City, Congerville, Tremont, Junction, Plant City Florida, Milford, Morris, Princeville, Alto, Gridley, Lamar and Smithville.

Rachel & Amanda from SBP organization joined us at dinner and shared their appreciation for our partnership with them for Ms. Lou Alice's home.

Decking and stairs were built for Ms. Willean.

Two more remodel jobs started this week. Termites had done extensive damage at Ms. Rose's home.

Ms. Rose is so appreciative and feels the warmth of God's love with each team member.

This remodel job includes flooring, new roof and new bathroom.

Floors were dropping and collapsing in Cannonball & Ms. Liz's home. Homeowner had suffered stroke and heart attack and no longer able to work on his home. Continually praises God for his goodness and that every day God wakes him up. This week the couple moved into a hotel and team members help put furnishings in a storage unit while home is built.

In four weeks, the first new home was mudded and by Friday ceilings and walls were painted.

First inspection passed at Ms. Joyce's home and drywall was hung while outside deck and handicap ramp was built.

Team at Ms. Felicia insulated, wired and completed siding, soffit, facia and outside decking.

Ms. Jackie's old house was torn down and even with inclement weather, team still able to excavate, form & pour footings, and Friday the foundation block wall was put in place.

Honeybunch home sits on a curve. It had been hit by vehicles and knocked off the foundation. Definitely in dire need of repair. This week her home was taken down and rebuild begins. All the homeowners we are working with show extreme appreciation and testify they have prayed for God to send help.

A tilted braising pan makes scrambling 16 dozen eggs much easier.

Building relationships is key to the HarvestCall ministry in our mission of Proclaiming Christ and Serving Others.