Week Four

Team Four came from Bluffton, Lamont, Congerville, Tremont, Columbus, Sabetha, Rittman, Akron, Bradford, Peachtree City, Junction, Fairbury, Bern, Sardis, Plant City Florida, Princeville and Eureka.

Week 4 began with devotions on God’s sovereignty. Councilman Carlos Williams joined us. He has been the key player in directing us to the Chester families in need.

So blessed with beautiful produce brought from Florida & donated by George and Livy.

Kitchen crew cheerfully working with their new HarvestCall aprons. They also take treats out to the work sites once a week.

Tim reviews the job board each day so each team member is aware of their assignment.

Ms. Joyce's home saw great progress this week.

In just 4 days, 2.5 roofs were completed and the homeowners were ecstatic.

To provide sufficient nutrition for the day, everyone makes their own lunch at 6:30 am.

Mr. John's grandson enjoys walking the ramp for the first time. This homeowner hasn’t been able to leave his home for months because of the need for a handicap ramp. In a few days the team completed this assignment.

Dry wall gets hung at Ms. Cynthia’s.

Soffit & facia gets completed at Ms. Cynthia's and her neighbor enjoys working with team.

Thanks to the past weeks of painters, painted doors were hung at Ms. Lou Alice's and cabinets installed. With floors installed, furniture was moved in. Move-in date very soon!

Sunbeam rays shows God blessing the building of Ms. Felicia's home.

Visiting homeowners from last year brought many smiles.

Carlos supported us as we faced the county zoning board for clearance to move ahead on two homes. Thankfully, there was no opposition.

Because we cannot see God, He gives us clear pictures of His presence and His work in things like the majesty of the universe, the greatness of our salvation, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As a result of many prayers we truly felt the power of the Spirit working this week and guiding some tough decisions. Glimpse of God’s Glory.