Week Seven

Team 7 came from Junction, Pennsylvania, Forrest, Silverton, Chicago, Francesville, Lester, Rittman, Remington, Tremont, Rockville, Chenoa, Morton and Mediapolis.

Our pancake team this week.

So appreciated the sunshine and beautiful weather this week.

Troy and Flory blessed us with a Southern meal of Fried chicken, macaroni, cheese, green beans and topped it off with crazy peach pie.

HarvestCall is so blessed with brotherhood support which allows us to have a fleet of 22  vehicles. They are put to good use!

Much time is spent deciding how much work to undertake and prayerfully consider who to help.

The first three new homes that were started are getting finish paint jobs, cabinets installed and completion day is very soon.

Ms. Honeybunch's home had roof and shingles by Friday.

All the walls on Ms. Francis' home were up by Friday. Ready for trusses Monday.

Cannonball home is ready to be framed and Ms. Jackie's home is ready for drywall to be hung.

Mr. Aaron was so pleased to get a wheelchair ramp which provides him more freedom.

Niyah (Cannonball & Liz great granddaughter) loved games with the team and a golf cart adventure.

Who wouldn't want to come back to camp to eat?