Week Two

Team two came from Bluffton, Rockville, Mediapolis, Fairbury, West Bend, Junction, Eureka, Gridley, Prescott, Washington, Peoria, Detroit and Peachtree City.

Troy & Flory still sharing their gift of hospitality.

Monday morning the team accepted the challenge of an exceptionally steep roof.

Each morning they spent extra time in prayer before starting the work.

Prayers were answered for a safe week. The small team grew as the week unfolded. The team prayed, sang and shared the word of God with Mr. Israel.

God challenged us with inclement weather which cancelled all outside jobs for a day. Amazingly there was still work found to keep the team of 36 busy. Temperatures were colder this week than South Carolina has ever seen. The 1 inch snow storm shut down all businesses. 

With the weather challenge, God also provided His sufficient grace to respond to it in positive manner. More people at camp during lunch allowing for a slower paced relaxed day.

This week at Ms. Lou Alice, insulation installed, drywall hung and taped.

Work at Mr. Ned home found the team replacing roof and remodel work inside as well as installing three exterior doors and rear deck. He is a widower caring for his disabled daughter & two grandchildren. She is a stroke victim. Replacing the carpet with laminate flooring was a wonderful improvement for them with her wheelchair. Through many trials his faith remains strong and he constantly affirms God is in CHARGE.

At Ms. Joyce's home the footings poured, block laid and tarred. Ready for framers.

Exciting to see walls going up at Ms. Cynthia's.

The painters at camp wrote a song to share...At HarvestCall there's jobs to do, There's digging, framing, plumbing, too. Be we think above all the rest, That painting trim may be the best. Each bi-fold door and piece of trim, Each window frame we paint for HIM. About our painting we won't boast, and hope ya'll don' look too close.                                          Oh Paint, neatly paint and murmur not.

Ms. Felicia, is praising the Lord for the hope of a new home soon. She worshiped with us Wed. night. This week we were able to get clearance to build for her. Her home is rotting away. She heats with oven & kerosene. On Friday, this team helped move her belongings.

Saturdays are good for vehicle cleaning.