Where Children are Sponsored

A small monthly donation will allow a sponsored child to attend a Christian school where he or she will learn, perhaps for the first time, the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Sponsorships in Haiti offer the option to sponsor individual children or an entire school. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and the needs are great. Most of the schools provide a hot lunch program, with a large bowl of rice and beans providing the main source of nutrition for some of the children.  


As you can see in the history section, MEBSH was among the first organizations the Child Sponsorship program began working with. Based out of Les Cayes, the MEBSH Child Care program is helping to reach many children and schools in Southern Haiti. All of their schools are operated by the MEBSH Church, and the HarvestCall Caribbean Committee is involved in helping to build desks and put roofs on schools. Many work team members are familiar with the director of the program, Marie Lucie Jeune.

In addition to student sponsorships, there is a special need for school sponsorships, which contribute to the overall management of the school, including teacher salary subsidies and other administrative costs. School sponsorships usually are available at $125 per month.

Help a Child in Haiti

HCH is headed by Adline Cameus, a Haitian Christian who was a sponsored child so she has a very personal and heartfelt love for these children. At present, HCH sponsors children in 8 schools in remote villages along the southern coast across the island from Port au Prince. Your sponsorship donation provides tuition for a Christian education, uniforms and shoes, and school supplies.


Carribean Christian Centres for the Deaf (CCCD)

Jamaica has an estimated 2,500 deaf children, and many of them have never been exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have little opportunity for education. Child Sponsorship has been working with CCCD since 1997. In 1999, there were 66 sponsored children, and in July 2011 the number rose to 144. With changes in enrollments the number of sponsored students in June of 2019 is 68. 

The schools CCCD has established in Kingston, Knockpatrick, and adult training in Montego Bay give these children an opportunity to receive a Christian education, learn to communicate through sign language, and have the hope of becoming a useful and productive citizen better prepared to care for themselves in their adult years.

Contributions provide the child with housing on the school campus, uniforms, food, clothing, and medical care during the school year. Each child in Jamaica needs over $300 per month to provide for their education. Since this amount can be prohibitive for an individual sponsor, we have set the support at $30 per month, and each child is assigned up to 15 sponsors.



The Child Sponsorship Program has supported House of Life and Hope (Casa Vida y Esperanza or CVE) Children's Home from the beginning and continues to support a number of students in Magdalena. CVE is an Apostolic Christian Church outreach located in Northern Mexico.

CVE exists to: Mentor young lives with the truth, love, and hope of Jesus Christ for today and forever. This includes meeting their physical, mental, and spiritual needs through education, training, and the security and stability of a godly home life.


The AMMAR School is located in Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas. The students move in and out of the school in this transient area. Some stay for a short time until their parents, who come from the countryside, find work in a different area and other students stay for a longer time when the parents find work in the AMMAR area. During their time at the school, the students are exposed to the gospel message. 

Located on the outskirts of the poverty and violence-stricken city of Juarez, the Lancaster School is associated with the LaVid (The Vine) orphanage which receives HarvestCall assistance.

As you enter and tour the Lancaster facility and visit with the staff and children, you sense a feeling of love and peace though the school is located amid much poverty and some of the children have first-hand experience with the violence that plagues the area. The school has a common area where the staff and children gather daily for devotions and guidance. The school is very well managed and we routinely receive notes of appreciation from the school director.

There are very few Christian secondary schools in Juarez, Mexico. The Encuentro School is a rare exception as it is managed by a very dedicated Christian staff committed to providing a spiritual and educational curriculum for the sake of the well-mannered students. This provides the opportunity for expanding the Christ centered education to a higher level. 

The Field Office for the Juarez schools is managed by members of our Bluffton, IN Church.


For a number of years, sponsors have supported the students associated with the Ixtlan church. A Christian School, with both primary and secondary students, has been built to further serve this community. Colegio de las Américas de Ixtlán is under the direction of a board of Apostolic Christian brethren. The Child Sponsorship Program only recently began providing individual child sponsorships and has the potential to serve about 174 students.

Isaiah 55

Instituto Isaias 55 is a grace-based mission that evangelizes the communities of Mexico through the education of deaf students in the border city of Reynosa, Mexico. Reynosa has a population of almost one million, and Isaiah 55 appears to be the only school designed especially for the deaf. The city faces problems of homelessness, crime, orphaned children, poverty, and drug trafficking. A typical deaf child in Mexico does not have access to language or education, resulting in a significant number of children largely unreached by the gospel.

Three primary goals for the students at the school are:

  1. Language, which will allow communication with their family, community, and church.
  2. Education, which will allow the students to pursue jobs and support themselves.
  3. The Gospel, which provides the students with the tools to be able to read His Word and learn about Jesus.

The sponsorship money is used for school operations – which include teachers’ salaries, school supplies, uniforms and maintenance; special events such as programs and field trips; and expansion – plans are being made to open a second school near the center of the city.


In Guatemala, a country plagued by natural disasters and poverty in general, Child Sponsorship works with the organization ACSI. Children are sponsored from a number of schools in both rural and urban areas. Some of the schools are located in poverty-stricken areas, but have strong family units with parental involvement who have a strong desire for their children to become educated and learn about the Word of God. Others schools have children that come from homes with little parental nurturing or care.

Your donation provides school uniforms, school books, materials and supplies, and teacher salary subsidies. It provides these children a Christian education and a caring school environment.


As in most African countries, the orphan problem in Zambia is great, with an estimate of over 1,000,000 orphans (8-10% of the population).

Some other stunning statistics:

  • 1 out of every 5 individuals is HIV+.
  • The average life expectancy is 30.5 years.
  • 50% of Zambia’s population is under the age of 15.
  • Only 10% of all children attend school regularly.

LifeSong for Orphans

Lifesong School in Zambia is caring for 230 orphaned and vulnerable children who are receiving a Christian education and being fed two meals per day, the only school in the community to have such a program. John Mumba, the director, and his staff have a vision of seeing these homeless children fostered by Christian caretakers and educated in a school that was recently built.

The Child Sponsorship Program is partnering with Lifesong for Orphans to help give hope to these needy children. Your donation supports the Christian education and other services that are being provided to the orphans and vulnerable children at this school.