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Wichita, Kansas Church Proclaims God’s Love and Gospel Message

In driving to the Wichita, Kansas church on a typical Sunday, you will go through the downtown area where an extensive revitalization is currently underway. Several buildings are being turned into loft apartments, and shops and eateries are now open in an old warehouse district. The church is located less than two miles from the downtown area and can be classified as an inner city church in the city of 500,000 people.

Once inside the church, we join approximately 14 families and 8 singles that gather on an average Sunday. The ages for adults span from 25 years on up and Sunday School aged children range from 5 to 17. As you worship and fellowship, you will feel the love from all the brethren and friends. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Brother Cory Metzger, who was recently named as Ordained Deacon, ministers to the church. Additionally one time per month, the church enjoys hosting visiting ministers, their families and others that attend with them through the National Church Minister Rotation. Ministering Bro. Glen Funk recently retired, and Bro. Max Reimschisel also served the church faithfully for many years in this capacity but now is retired too. On two Wednesday evenings per month, the congregation meets for a singing supper and prayer time at homes.

Community Outreach

The congregation keeps striving to press on in the service of King Jesus, showing the love of Christ to one another and their community. Local outreach efforts have resulted in four individuals from the neighborhood attending services. Individuals are also involved in Union Rescue Mission work serving the homeless as well as a Bible Mission to send Bibles to the Ukraine area. Potluck events are also held for the local congregation for fellowship. Members and friends live approximately 30 minutes apart from each other, which makes getting together challenging. The nearest other Apostolic Christian churches are Lamont-Gridley, KS, which is 90 miles to the northeast and Kiowa, 90 miles to the southwest. Elder Bro. Jay Luthi from Lamont-Gridley, Kansas has elder oversight for the Wichita church.

Church Roots date to Early 1900’s

The church building was built in 1938. Roots date back as early .as 1911 that Apostolic Christians moved to the area. Between that time and 1937, people continued to move to the area and meet for singing, prayer and Bible reading in homes (according to Marching to Zion). The church served the congregation well until 1973 when a new sanctuary was added and the old was converted into a Sunday School. Locals comment that they as well as visitors are always inspired by the excellent acoustics in the sanctuary which lend to a joyful noise being made to the Lord when they unite their voices in singing.

City has Small Town Atmosphere

According to church members, the town of Wichita still has a friendly small town atmosphere even though it is a good size metropolis. Originally, the city was an Indian village. Cattle drives caused a boom with cattle yards, cattle barons and a railhead, which is the furthest point that the railroad was built and caused other roads and transportation routes to be constructed. The Arkansas River also runs through the city. Further, the aircraft industry centered itself in Wichita with names such as Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech, Bill Lear and Lloyd Stearman. World War 2 stirred a large production of aircraft giving employment opportunities to many. Additionally, Koch Industries Inc., which produces clothing and many other products has its headquarters located in Wichita and is a large employer.

Opportunities / Needs of the Congregation

Everyone is encouraged to pray for and visit the loving brethren and friends in the Wichita congregation. They would truly welcome the encouragement and support from national brethren and friends. Please call one of the contacts listed in the church minister book so they can plan accordingly for lunch, etc. If you visit, enjoy sightseeing options such as museums, the Sedgewick County Zoo or take a bike ride on a trail along the river. If you drive, plan to visit the Flint Hills in Kansas (and Oklahoma) and enjoy God’s beautiful creation and the wide open countryside.

If God would call you to move to this area, visit the congregation, talk with your elder and view resources to assist on the HarvestCall Internet site (add new website address). The church especially has a need for Sunday School teachers to teach their youth. Please contact Bro. Cory Metzger ( or 316.253.8507) if you are interested in moving.