HarvestCall teams are a coordinated response to provide aid, volunteer labor, and gospel witness to alleviate human misery and suffering throughout the world.

Short term ministry teams have opened the door for participation by many brothers, sisters, and friends of our church and involve helping those in the USA, as well as in foreign lands.

Team Schedules

Things to consider

A work team opportunity is not a vacation and will require hard work. When volunteers go to help others they are ambassadors for Jesus Christ and are also representing the Apostolic Christian Church. It is important that our work team volunteers reflect their love for God and the church by their actions and appearance. In this way we will communicate the gospel message, our faith, doctrine and customs, which have great value.

Participation Guidelines for Work Teams

Team Schedules


Apostolic Christian HarvestCall recommends that all individuals who volunteer on short term mission teams outside of the US should obtain "missionary travel and medical evacuation" insurance. Below are three recommended insurance companies that provide this insurance.