Apostolic Christian HarvestCall is a ministry formed by the merger of Apostolic Christian World Relief and Apostolic Christian Mission Committee.


The goal is to minister to the whole man, physically and spiritually, consistent with the 4-pillar mission of the Apostolic Christian Church of America (ACCA). The HarvestCall organization is under the authority of the ACCA with spiritual oversight provided by its elder body. Direct governance is provided by a board of directors and regional committees. Day-to-day management is provided by an Executive Director and his staff.


Enable the brotherhood to proclaim Christ and serve others beyond the capacity of the local church.


God is glorified as despair and suffering are alleviated, hearts and minds are transformed, and churches are established and nurtured.


Our mission is to equip and mobilize brethren to proclaim the gospel, disciple and nurture believers, and demonstrate the love of Christ with deeds of compassion.

Combined with our Guiding Principles, the statements above give clear overall direction to HarvestCall.

The HarvestCall Name 

Why was the name HarvestCall chosen?

“Harvest” and “Call” are biblical words as well as terms that we use frequently within our brotherhood. They are rich in literal and figurative meaning. Combined together as HarvestCall, it conveys not just what we endeavor to do, but also why. The goal is to sow seeds of goodness and truth, trusting the Lord to give the increase, and call the brotherhood to proclaim Christ and serve others so that the lost might hear the Savior’s call.

There is much scriptural support for this.

Harvest: In the Old Testament, the Israelites were told that when harvesting to leave the corners of their fields to provide for the poor. The same was true of their olive trees and grape vines. In the New Testament, “harvest” refers to bringing souls into God’s kingdom, and Jesus is seeking laborers to sow, water and reap.

Call: As brothers and sisters, we’ve experienced God’s call in numerous ways, first as a call to repentance, then perhaps a call to marriage, to a vocation, to a certain ministry and so on. Many in this world have not had opportunity to hear the Truth and experience Jesus’ call in a clear way. In HarvestCall, the concept of call goes both internally and externally: believers are called to serve others in love, and God desires all men to hear the call and be saved.

What does the logo signify?

The logo uses autumn colors to make it warm and appealing and shows a field ripe unto harvest. The sun is spreading its bright rays depicting hope, new beginnings and alluding to the Son. There is also a sense of movement in the logo and the concept of multiple parts forming one whole, just as how our members from all over the country join together to support this work (from sewing sisters to groups packing supplies at distribution centers to work teams building to missionaries serving overseas.)

HarvestCall and the Church

Many mission organizations are parachurch organizations and do not fall under the authority of any church. HarvestCall is unabashedly Apostolic Christian and exists to enable the church to accomplish together what no one congregation could accomplish alone. As an inextricable part of the Apostolic Christian brotherhood, HarvestCall submits to the authority of our elder body and is committed to following the whole counsel of God. This commitment is embodied in the Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles that have been developed to guide the HarvestCall Board and committees in all decision making. Taken as a whole, these documents expand on the church’s four pillar mission and call us to a doctrinally sound approach to the ministry of reconciliation that Christ has committed to His church.