Bolster Churches

Many of our Apostolic Christian Churches have 40 or fewer members and depend on the brotherhood for support.

View a list of our small churches to pray, visit, etc.

To help nurture and grow our small churches, the Church Establishment Committee (CEC) has developed a framework that can be utilized to help congregations transition to self-sustaining and thriving churches which exalt Christ. The CEC members will work alongside the local church to provide resources, services and tools to assist them.

Two of our churches in St. Louis, MO and in Austin, Texas are actively working with Committee members to pilot the framework. Bolstering has also begun in Lamar, MO. See updates on the bolstering efforts in St. Louis, Austin and Lamar and opportunities to help below.

Framework to Nurture and Grow Small Churches

Through studying the scriptures and recent history of the start of our small churches, four key attributes are needed for our small congregations to thrive and become self-sustaining churches -- critical mass of believers, local ministry / leadership, common purpose or Vision for outreach and deep and abiding love for God and each other. Often within our small churches, these attributes have not materialized completely, which inhibits their establishment. View the framework that has been developed to assist our small churches.

Opportunities to Serve

We need everyone’s help to bolster our small churches. Pray for the work, move if you are called by the Lord, encourage and support those currently living in small church congregations, visit these congregations and give financial support. Read more about how you can help.

  1. View a list of our small churches with 40 or fewer members to pray, visit, etc.
  2. View specific opportunities within our small churches in Austin, Texas and St. Louis, Missouri. 
  3. View coordinators and job opportunities in our small church congregations.

Are you being called to move to a small church area?

Small Church Spotlight:
St. Louis, MO

St. Louis is a small church that is now taking significant strides toward growing in number and closeness to God and to one another. With the help of Church Establishment Committee (CEC) brethren, a pilot “bolstering” program was started last year... Read more

Minister Rotations

Learn about this program to support small churches with regular visiting ministers. See the schedule and sort by church or date.