Servant Fund

The Servant Fund of the Apostolic Christian Church of America provides modest financial support for living expenses of brethren sent as full-time missionaries by HarvestCall.

The Servant Fund is how HarvestCall financially supports brethren serving as missionaries in Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico. By supporting the Servant Fund, you are supporting all of the brethren sent on behalf of HarvestCall. The majority of these brethren have full-time roles that prevent them from holding other gainful employment. 

Using a national fund for missionary support allows these brothers and sisters to devote their time and attention to their calling, rather than being required to raise their own funds. While our missionaries have many challenges as they serve, it is our goal for them not to have the added concern of financial stress. 

The Servant Fund is a way for us as a brotherhood to directly support the work of our missionaries. Individuals and local churches can make contributions for this worthy cause. We encourage everyone to pray for those who are serving and to prayerfully consider how the Lord will direct our hearts in giving to the fund.

While this fund is for general support of all our missionaries, contributions can be designated for a specific individual. While all donations given in the name of an individual missionary will be accounted for that missionary, it will not affect the amount they receive monthly. See a list of those currently serving as missionaries

Funds to support the Servant Fund may be sent to:

Apostolic Christian Servant Fund
 PO Box 3797
 West Lafayette, IN 47996

Checks should be written to:  AC Servant Fund

Electronic Transfer: For your convenience, contributions can be set up as automatic electronic transfers on an ongoing basis through the Servant Fund.