Fairbury Distribution Center

The Fairbury Distribution Center is supported by the Cissna Park, Fairbury, Forrest, and Gridley Apostolic Christian churches. 

The center serves as a hub for several projects.


One of these projects is to collect and distribute clothing to the needy. Volunteers from the four churches come twice a month to sort the clothing that has been donated. The clothing is then distributed locally, nationally, and internationally. There are also two days a month that women gather to knot comforters as well as work on other sewing projects.

Packaged Meals Program

Another project is the Packaged Meals Program.  There are two different meals at this time, and both provide valuable protein and nutrients. One meal is the Rice Pilaf, which consists of soy protein, seasonings, and rice.  This can either be assembled by hand or with a machine. The packaging system in the Distribution Center produces about 9,000 meals an hour in a sealed bag. The cooking directions are printed in English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Romanian. Currently Rice Pilaf is shipped to Haiti, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, as well as locations within the United States.

The other Packaged Meal is the Barley Vegetable Soup, which is also a one-pot meal made with dried ingredients. It consists of barley, rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables, and seasonings. This is assembled by hand. Soup kits, consisting of enough ingredients to assemble 1000 bags of soup, are available at the Fairbury Distribution center for others to pick up and assemble at their own locations. The finished product can then be returned to the Fairbury center or distributed to local food pantries.

Packaging Corn

The Fairbury center also packages corn donated by local farmers. This corn is packaged in 50 pound bags and then shipped to Haiti and the Navajo Nation in New Mexico where the grain is often ground for flour or made into a porridge cereal.

It is not hard to recognize that the needs of the people we help are much greater than what we see in our daily lives. We are thankful for many brethren working together who have provided countless labors at our distribution center to help those in need.


In addition to local distribution, Fairbury collects and ships products to areas within the US and the world,including Lardeo TX, the Navajo Indians in New Mexico, and several organizations in Haiti. Products shipped include donated items, items the Fairbury Center has packaged, and items from the other Distribution Centers. In this picture, a young man in Haiti was hungry and heard of a place he could receive food. He walked five miles and was so happy to receive some canned pork, packaged meals, and soap.

Distribution Center Location

24553 East 800 North Rd
Fairbury, IL 61739


On Rt 24 - 2 ½ miles east of Fairbury, or 2 ½ miles west of Forrest, north side.


Quinn Zehr
Cell: 815-848-3190