Goodfield Distribution Center

The Goodfield Distribution Center serves in five primary areas: clothes packing, kit supplies, local furniture collection and distribution, shipments to Mexico & Jamaica and storage of well drilling supplies for Apostolic Water Aid.

Clothes Packing

Clothes, bedding, and footwear in any condition are collected, sorted, bagged, and baled. Groups from the local congregations sort and pack clothes an average of twice a week. Anything not useable is sold for rags. Anything clean and in good condition is shipped to Eastern Europe. Two or three sea containers of clothes are shipped each year. There is a donation drop box located in the parking lot for donations of clothing, etc. If anyone outside of the area has small or large quantities of clothing, bedding or footwear to donate, please contact the coordinator for arrangements to get them to the Goodfield Center.

Kit Supplies & Comforter Batting/Fabric

The Center acts as a source of kit supplies for local congregations and a holding point for completed health and school kits waiting to be shipped through HarvestCall.

The goal is to buy supplies in bulk, thereby saving money for those who would desire to put kits together. This also allows the distributed kits to be uniform. There is a constant need for health kits to be distributed, both through HarvestCall and other organizations supported by HarvestCall.

The Goodfield Distribution Center is also the national church stocking point for comforter batting and fabric. If any church sewing room has a need of these items, please contact the coordinator for arrangements to pick up or get to a distribution center closer to your home church.

Local Furniture Distribution

Area residents may donate used furniture, appliances, and household items that are in good condition. These items are then distributed to local residents in need that are referred to the Goodfield Center by local aid agencies. The center is open on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 9AM – 11 AM specifically for this activity. Those in need should bring a referral sheet from an agency (such as Heart House in Eureka, South Side Mission in Peoria, etc.). Local distribution center board members may also be contacted to make arrangements directly.

Mexico and Jamaica Shipments

The Center serves as a collection point for goods being shipped to various areas of Mexico and Jamaica. Ongoing communication with agencies working in those countries help keep the needs list up-to-date. Money for the items that are shipped is provided by the national HarvestCall funds or individual donations. Shipments are made about twice a year to each location. Volunteer help is appreciated in preparing the shipments, especially on load-out days.

Apostolic Water Aid

Apostolic Water Aid (AWA) from the Tremont congregation uses the Goodfield Center to ship well-drilling supplies to Haiti twice a year. Supplies generally arrive 2-4 weeks before shipment. Warehouse space is not used for AWA for the rest of the year.

The Goodfield Center also houses many other minor activities too numerous to mention. The donations of time and funds by many, which makes all of the above activities possible, is appreciated. Anyone wishing to contribute to a specific aspect of the center or to the general maintenance of the center, please contact the coordinator.

Distribution Center Location



I-74 to Goodfield Exit. North on Rt 117 to the first stoplight. East 3/4 mile on Highway 150. The distribution center is on the north side of the road.


Phone:  309-965-2860


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