Apostolic Christian HarvestCall is a new organization, but has a long history.

It started over fifty years ago with an organization called Apostolic Christian World Relief. World Relief provided a means for Apostolic Christian members and friends to love and serve their neighbors near and far with humanitarian aid.

In the beginning, these opportunities were limited and involved just a few brothers who had an interest in meeting the unmet needs in the world. Over the years, it grew to include disaster relief work, small projects of all kinds, and increasing opportunities to serve in large-scale and ongoing projects both in the USA and in other countries.

The Apostolic Christian Mission Committee also served others for over fifty years. They too saw tremendous growth in their scope of ministry. Initially, Mission Committee was primarily a funding mechanism for Bible distribution, church building construction, hymnbook translation and printing, and the support of other worthy, spiritually related causes. Over time, Mission came to support the planting of new churches and oversee the selection, sending and support of missionaries.

By the early 2000s, Apostolic Christian brothers and sisters were serving on a full-time basis in Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, and in the USA providing both humanitarian aid and sharing the Word of Life. In each of these efforts, World Relief and Mission Committee endeavored to work together, but having two different governance structures, with separate policies and procedures caused challenges. In addition, there was a growing conviction that the biblical model for outreach is to minister to both the body and the soul.

This led to the formation of a committee to consider ways that World Relief and Mission Committee could function more efficiently and with greater accountability. After careful study, they recommended that the two organizations become one entity that can provide both humanitarian aid and spiritual outreach. Since World Relief has a more developed organizational structure, with a governing board, project committees, and regional representatives, this structure served as the framework for the new organization, call Apostolic Christian HarvestCall.

This integration was completed by the end of 2015 and HarvestCall began operation in Jan. 2016.

Looking Back at What God Has Done

Below is a video made to commemorate the 50+ years of God working through AC World Relief. It was shown at the final ACWR board meeting as the organization prepared to officially integrate with Mission Committee to form HarvestCall.