How Can You Help

It takes a Brotherhood

Whether it’s operating a Haitian hospital, distributing Bibles across the country, rebuilding tornado devastated communities, providing Christ-centered educational opportunities through sponsorship, giving blankets to the cold and food to the hungry, or moving somewhere to start or support a new church, it takes brothers, sisters and friends from across the country sharing their time, talents, and resources to make it happen.

HarvestCall is an outreach arm of the Apostolic Christian Church and when we come together to demonstrate and proclaim the gospel, many souls are touched and God is glorified.


First of all, please pray. Pray for the workers, missionaries and those being served. Pray for the leadership of HarvestCall, and our beloved church, that all might be done in accordance with God’s will. Learn more about the importance of prayer and current prayer requests.


Opportunities are numerous. Groups regularly gather at Distribution Centers to make medical and school kits, sew comforters, package food, bundle clothing and more. Work teams travel in the US and abroad to do construction, provide medical assistance, or help in other ways. People with mechanical, administrative, planning, and communications skills are also needed. Make your talents available and the Lord will use them.

Serve Long Term

If the Holy Spirit is calling you to longer-term cross-cultural missionary service, contact us. As the organization that supports missionaries sent on behalf of Apostolic Christian churches, we’ll help you evaluate your readiness, match your skills with an open position and provide material, social and spiritual support while on the field.


Financial contributions are also essential. Although you may not get a “thank you” directly from the ultimate recipient, many thousands of people have expressed deep gratitude for the kindness shown to them, as a result of your sacrificial giving. May the Lord bless you as you share of your material harvest to help those who are in greater need.