Wolcott Distribution Center

The Western Indiana Distribution Center is located just north of Wolcott, IN and is supported by the churches of the area.

This center is the evolution of an effort that begun many years ago to make soap for various areas and now includes other projects such as: quilts, health & school kits, soup, and distribution of food & clothing & other items. During several months, many enjoy working together at Family Nights.

Family Nights

During January and February, families and individuals are welcome to assist in what is called Family Nights. Typically the evening begins with a 6 pm meal, followed by coordinated projects beginning at 6:30 pm, and ending around 8 pm. These projects consist of creating products such as soup or rice pilaf mixes, assembling health and school kits, repackaging soap, etc. Family Night evenings provide opportunity to fellowship with one another while being engaged in activities to help others in need.

Quilts, health and school kits, and clothing assembly

During the winter months, clothing, quilt making, and assembly of health and school kits takes place in the Fellowship Hall at the Remington Church, only seven miles from the Distribution Center. At the end of this season, the items are taken to the Distribution Center at Wolcott and then are distributed to various points throughout the U.S. and other nations as needs manifest themselves. There is ample storage in this building to hold such items until the need arises for further distribution.

Soap making

For many years the brethren at Wolcott have made soap in various facilities. Now this effort is conducted in a special area of the Distribution Center with equipment and facilities designed to process thousands of pounds of powdered and bar soap. Volunteers are coordinated by local brothers, and the soap is made during the months of January, February, and March, and then stored for distribution as needs arise.

The volunteer efforts towards soap making involves many people from a wide area and has proven to be a great blessing to those who produce and package it as well as those that receive it. During a normal year about 60,000 pounds of soap is made and molded into bars which states “Given in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Depending upon the needs, about 50% of the bars are ground so the soap can be used as detergent. As the needs for soap in various areas develop, local brethren are informed and the product is prepared and delivered for the specific needs.

Food distribution

Food Coordinators have been given the responsibility to seek out and furnish food to soup kitchens, food pantries, and other groups that distribute food to the needy. This program has increased within the last couple of years, and with an abundance of support and supplies from local businesses and individuals, we are now supplying a substantial and increasing number of organizations.

There are many communities we assist within the Central/North Central area of Indiana. It is a blessing to bring them relief, not only for the recipients, but also for the volunteers who make these rewarding trips. They always come back refreshed. It is satisfying to see these products put to good use.

Fellowship area

The Distribution Center building also contains a basic kitchen and a carpeted, air-conditioned room which is used for quilting and clothing sorting throughout the year. The Center has brought many blessings to various churches, families and individuals to this part of Indiana, and is being put to the best use possible at this time.

Distribution Center Location


From the north edge of Wolcott on US 24. North on 900 West 3/8 mile. Building on the east side next to the Tyson meat buying plant.


Ryan Schleman