Having class under a tarp

Construct Buildings

In America, our children don't need to battle the elements while receiving their educations at the local school

Nor do we don't have to wonder if we'll get rained on while we worship during church services. It is not so in Haiti.

To provide them proper shelter, HarvestCall sends 6-8 work teams each year to Haiti. These teams travel to the church or school work sites, cut out and assemble the trusses and purlins and install the metal roofing. Hundreds of buildings throughout the southern peninsula of Haiti have been completed under this construction program, which HarvestCall manages for a Haitian ministry called MEBSH.

Each work team often constructs several roofs, depending on the location of the project and the complexity of the construction. The activity of the program is managed by HarvestCall missionary families in Citi Lumiere, near Les Cayes, Haiti from a construction depot and office which receives construction materials shipped from the Bluffton, IN distribution center.

Prior to the work team's arrival, the local Haitians are required to construct foundations and walls of concrete block for their projects with local community labor.

For the construction team, there is work for all skill levels. Some skilled carpenters and building trades professionals are always welcome and beneficial for the activity, but there is always plenty of work helping lift trusses, carrying materials, etc. for others. Manywomen join the teams and quite often spend the work week assembling church benches or school desks from pre-cut material and giving the benches a coat of paint or varnish. Some work teams have the opportunity to assemble with local Haitian congregations to worship on Sunday during their work team visit and can see first hand the excitement and gratitude of Haitian believers as they assemble in their new church facilities. When working on school buildings, work team members often have the privilege to interact with the school children after the school day and can experience the joy and enthusiasm of Haitian school children that have the opportunity for a basic education.

See the schedule of upcoming trips. For those interested in joining one of these work teams, contact the Team Coordinator listed at least a few months in advance, as the teams do fill up and travel arrangements must be made well in advance of the trip.

Homes for the Homeless

Every year, the Haiti Lifeline Program works with the Bethel Church in Dumay, Haiti, to identify families in need of a home. Approximately six work teams travel to Haiti each year to construct basic homes for them. These two-room homes are 10’ x 20’, with a 4’ porch in front. Although these may seem rather modest, they are replacing a tent or crude assembly of tin, wood, rocks, and mud. Support for the Lifeline Haiti programs is provided by the Fairbury, Forrest, and nearby congregations. 

Palm Grove Mission

At least one work team each year from the Sabetha and Bern congregations visits the Palm Grove Mission in Puit Sales, Haiti to assist with construction of school and church facilities. This small village is located on the southern coast of the southern peninsula of Haiti, near the Haitian town of Cote de Fur. Teams assist in construction of school and church facilities in Puit Sales and in the surrounding area.