Children need stable, loving homes.

Sadly, too many children are victims of abuse or a poverty so severe that their parent's cannot care for them. Sometimes, there are no parents. In those instance, a children's home or orphanage provides the necessary food, shelter and clothing a child needs. HarvestCall supports ministries that provide all of that, in the context of loving Christian care and training. 

House of Life and Hope (Casa Vida y Esperanza or CVE) is a children's home in the northern Mexican city of Magdalena. 

CVE is a mission of the Apostolic Christian Church and exists to mentor young lives with the truth, love, and hope of Jesus Christ for today and forever. This includes meeting their physical, mental, and spiritual needs through education, training, and the security and stabilty of a Godly home life.

Numerous HarvestCall missionaries serve there. 

En Gedi House is a new, small group home for abandoned or neglected infants and toddlers in Jamaica. Located in Mandeville (population 75,000) this home is named after the largest oasis along the western shore of the Dead Sea where David found refuge when he was persecuted by King Saul. Just as David found safety at En Gedi, the En Gedi House seeks to be a safe place for the children of Jamaica as they wait for their forever homes. Sis. Erin Davis, a HarvestCall missionary already working with at-risk children in Jamaica, will reside in the home and caring for the children.

The first steps have been taken to follow God’s direction. The missionaries have talked with the Jamaican Child Development Agency about their plan for developing the home. And recently, the Jamaican team from HarvestCall made an offer to purchase a property with an existing home in Mandeville, Jamaica, a city of about 75,000 people. This offer was accepted and now the work to make En Gedi House in Jamaica begins in earnest. The existing home is in disrepair and extensive renovation and remodeling will be needed to make the building suitable to care for the young children. While some funds are in hand to secure the initial land purchase, much more will be required. 

In addition to CVE, and En Gedi House, HarvestCall supports orphanages in Haiti with financial and occassional work team support.