Donations can be made to Apostolic Christian HarvestCall through the General Fund, specific Project Areas, the Servant Fund or the Endowment Fund.

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An Explanation of Administrative Costs

Over 97 cents of every dollar donated to HarvestCall goes directly to the work of proclaiming Christ and serving others through our many ministry programs in the USA, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Europe and beyond.*

This is calculated by following the non-profit sector’s standard method as defined by IRS Form 990.

If we were to include the value of volunteer time and donated items (gifts-in-kind) as revenue, as many organizations do, then our overhead would actually be much lower as a percentage.


Proclaiming & Serving= this includes everything spent by our ministry programs, such as operating Hospital Lumiere, drilling wells, distributing Bibles, providing aid to Europe, rebuilding disaster-wrecked homes in the USA, etc. Missionary support is also included in this category as well as a portion of staff labor that can be directly and specifically linked to the operation of our ministry programs. On Form 990, this is “Program service expenses.”

Administrative= covers the costs of computer equipment, utilities, office rent, travel, etc. and the portion of staff time spent on general management and administration. On Form 990, this is “Management and general expenses.”

Communications= provides funds for keeping the brotherhood informed of needs and opportunities via mailings, website, video, email, etc. Also includes costs for benefit events. On Form 990, this is “Fundraising expenses.”

*A word of caution… We were initially reluctant to publish these numbers because we do not want to imply that organizations with higher costs are in some way less worthy of support. The efficiency percentage is not a definitive way to evaluate an organization. Administrative costs are necessary and allow for effective stewardship of donations. Some non-profits require more administration to carry out their mission than others. We are blessed by a huge number of willing volunteers in all levels of HarvestCall, which keep our costs low relative to the funds received.

Financial contributions are a necessary part of operating this outreach to help others and are handled with the utmost carefulness and efficiency. Our wish is that what you previously gave to both World Relief and Mission Committee would now be directed to HarvestCall. If you have questions about how church collections should be handled, please visit our FAQs page.

Donations of cash or property to Apostolic Christian HarvestCall will qualify as deductible as charitable contributions since HarvestCall is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. Donations may be made at the local church level or at the national level. Any donations received will be considered "unrestricted" unless designated for a specific purpose.

Checks can be given to your congregation's HarvestCall Representative, put in the HarvestCall collection box, or mailed to:

Apostolic Christian HarvestCall
 PO Box 3797
 West Lafayette, IN 47996 

If it is more convenient or you wish to direct your funds to a specific program, use your credit card to

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