Guidelines for making comforters, by country

Pack in doubled bag or box with weight of batting

Suggested size: 60”-72” wide and 80”-90” long


  1. Light weight
  2. No batting
  3. For warm climates
  4. Send to Bluffton

Mexico or Jamaica

  1. Medium weight
  2. .22 oz. batting
  3. For mild climates
  4. Send to Goodfield


  1. Heavy weight
  2. 0.36 oz. batting
  3. For cold climates
  4. Send to Goodfield

Shipping to HarvestCall Distribution Centers

Please follow these instructions to ensure all items are properly labeled to eliminate confusion and wasted time at Distribution Centers.

Additional comforter info

Download the file below for a chart of block sizes, information about batting and so on.

Comforter Info