Kairos is an Apostolic Christian ministry seeking to glorify God by humbly sharing his love with Muslim people. It currently operates as a prayer ministry and outreach to Muslims locally. The ministry is part of HarvestCall and serves by equipping Christian brothers and sisters to better understand and reach out to their Muslim neighbors.

Our background

For years God has been working in many hearts within the Apostolic Christian Church. Brothers and sisters have prayed that God would challenge us as a church body to sacrifice for his glory and the gospel. God has honored those prayers in various ways, and we’re now realizing the opportunities to live more globally minded right at home. Though few of us will share the gospel overseas, there is great opportunity for cross-cultural evangelism here in the US.

Our story

Our leadership team have all experienced God speaking into our lives and asking us to choose to love and serve our international neighbors. Early on, God spoke specifically into the life of one of the team members with direction to pursue development of a Muslim ministry within the AC Church. Initially the mountain looked big. One day when faith was weak the Holy Spirit spoke, “I believe in your church. Don’t you?” From that moment the climb began. God worked miracles: forming an experienced leadership team, bringing the ministry to the Mission Committee (prior to HarvestCall), and giving us opportunities to spread the word about the ministry. We are grateful and blessed!

Our name

The Greek language has two words referring to time: chronos and kairos. Chronos refers to the passing of time as it relates to years, months, days, and hours. Kairos refers to fixed time as it relates to moments, seasons, or an appointed time. Many usages of kairos in Scripture refer to an opportune or decisive moment. Kairos is Strong’s Concordance G2540 and appears 86 times in original Greek scripture. You can download them all easily at Kairos is pronounced ‘Kie-ross’ (rhymes with ‘tie’ & ‘floss’). Our prayer is that we each choose to live intentionally by opening our hearts and minds to the many kairos (opportune or decisive moments) God gives us each day to glorify Him.

Our identity 

It’s not by accident that we are who we are. We as an Apostolic Christian Church body are uniquely prepared to minister to Muslims. Our Apostolic lifestyle and traditions often create natural bridges to building relationships with Muslims. Our shared values of family, modesty, and desire to live a holy life provide unique opportunities for relating to Muslims and fostering discussions on how true holiness is achieved through Jesus Christ's sacrifice and grace. Our worship traditions (such as separate seating, kneeling to pray, and women covering their heads to pray) are more familiar to Muslims than the worship of most contemporary American churches. For this kairos we have been prepared.

How you can be involved

First, pray for Muslims. Pray that they will thirst for Christ, come to know Him as Lord and Savior through the cross, and experience the power of his resurrection. Second, please pray for Apostolic Christians who have accepted this challenge to “cross the street” and engage their Muslim neighbors, coworkers, and classmates. Pray that they will be abiding in Christ and full of the Holy Spirit so that the Muslims they are engaging will see Christ shining through them.

Kairos sends bi-weekly emails about different aspects of Islamic religion and Muslim people. Some are educational, some are personal stories, and some challenge us to a deeper faith. To begin receiving these emails, sign up below:


Kairos also offers opportunities to be equipped for ministering to Muslims by doing group book studies or taking educational trips together. Please inquire by email if you are interested in participating.

Finally, take a look around. There may be Muslims in your life that you have not been “seeing.” Pray, entreat the Lord’s grace, and then engage them. Start a conversation. Meet with them for lunch. Invite them to your home. Don’t fear doing it “wrong.” A Muslim who truly feels your love is likely to overlook any misspoken comments or cultural faux pas. Hospitality and love are a powerful witness to the gospel.


For a listing of short articles on a variety of topics relating to Muslim outreach, visit the Kairos resources page.