This is a HarvestCall ministry, born in 2015, with this mission: “To equip the church to humbly share God’s love with Muslim people and pray for their belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and for their transformation by the Holy Spirit.” 

(Note: A Muslim is one who practices the religion Islam.)

KAIROS (rhymes with tie-floss) is a Greek word meaning time, as in “the opportune time or decisive moment”. Much like Esther becoming queen “for such a time [kairos] as this” to be instrumental in saving the Jews, we in America are living in a time of opportunity [kairos] to share the gospel with the Muslim population as they become more prevalent in our communities.

As an Apostolic Christian Church body, our shared values of family, modesty, non-dating, and the desire to live a holy life often create natural bridges and unique opportunities to building relationships with Muslims. Our worship traditions, such as separate seating, kneeling to pray, women covering their heads, and greeting with a kiss are more familiar to Muslims than the worship of most contemporary churches.

KAIROS is currently equipping and educating Apostolic Christians through a variety of means. Twice monthly an email with brief educational or motivational notes and a list of prayer points is sent out. There is a monthly KAIROS telephone conference call for anyone who wants to pray collectively. There will be online book studies from time to time. Members of the leadership team are available to speak at Apostolic churches and events. There are occasional field trips and work projects. Email to request participation in any of these activities.