Supported Clinics

HarvestCall provides financial, material and sometimes work team support to various medical clinics.  

Bethel Clinic of Dumay

During the 1970's, a small, two room clinic was established near Dumay in Haiti to help meet the medical needs of those in the community. This practice continued and interest grew until more money could be raised to build a larger facility beginning in 1995. The new building resides near the Bethel Church in Dumay and was dedicated in 2000.

The clinic now consists of several exam rooms, a waiting room for patients, and storage facilities for medical devices and supplies, such as medications. Currently, a group of doctors from Tallahassee, Florida travel to Dumay at least once every 2 months to hold a week-long clinic. These doctors volunteer their time and often bring additional medications with them when possible.

If you are interested in making a donation in support of the Dumay medical clinic, or if you are interested in joining a Lifeline work team traveling to Dumay, please contact HarvestCall or the Lifeline Board.

RGMMI Clinic in Naski

Dr. Ashwin grew up as a part of the mission when his father, Dr. Parkhe, became Director of RGMMI in 1992. As a young man, he came to faith in Christ and was baptized at the RGMMI church in Nasik. Dr. Ashwin became an orthopedic surgeon and worked under his father at the mission medical dispensary clinic on the Nasik compound, dispensing medicines and giving basic care to the local people in Nasik. Dr. Ashwin longed to grow his practice in orthopedics and the needs were great, so they soon outgrew their small, two room clinic.

In 2010, with the help of many generous donations including support from HarvestCall (known as World Relief at the time), RGMMI upgraded the clinic to a small hospital. The name of their new Daya Hospital comes from the Hindi word for compassion, ‘daya.’ It seemed to be a concise way to reflect the love of Christ as they opened their doors to the people of Nasik. The new hospital, located at the front of the Nasik compound, includes a waiting hall, consulting and examination room, a well equipped treatment area and a small operating theatre where Dr. Ashwin is able to perform a variety of orthopedic surgeries. Daya Hospital is the only hospital in this region of Nasik that offers orthopedic services. Dr. Ashwin is assisted by another physician and one male nurse who carry out the work of ministering to the medical needs and showing empathy towards the suffering of the local community. Scriptures are read regularly each morning and the staff/patient interactions provide many opportunities to share the gospel. Some former patients now attend church in Nasik.