School Support

A good education sets a child up for success in this world. A Christian education can open the door to life eternal.

In under developed countries, many children do not get the opportunity to go to school. Without an education, they are typically consigned to a life of subsistence, repeating the cycle of material poverty. But most concerning of all, without a knowledge of the Truth, these children will be ensnared by the devil who will ruin their lives now and forever. And that is the most gripping poverty of all.

Below is information on some of the schools we support:


Apostolic Christian HarvestCall supports and supervises a Christian school for the community. Similarly, there is a Christ-centered school on the campus of the CVE children's home.


Our Child Sponsorship program gives donors the opportunity to directly support schools in Haiti.

Other programs provide vocational training for young adults in Haiti. 


HarvestCall works primarily with Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf (CCCD). There are three schools in Jamaica under the CCCD jurisdiction that were established to minister to the deaf and hearing impaired persons on the island of Jamaica. They are located in Kingston, Knockpatrick, and Montego Bay. Apostolic Christian HarvestCall sends aid and work teams to help the schools. Their major goals are:

 1.    Salvation in and through Jesus Christ
 2.    Academic Education
 3.    Vocational Education
 4.    Spiritual growth
 5.    Community Awareness

Jamaica Deaf Village - as part of the CCCD,  the concept for the deaf village is to provide a place for the adult Christian deaf to be able to grow in their walk with the Lord. If there is a need, they also help find a place to work and live.

HarvestCall also provides financial assistance to schools for troubled, non hearing impaired, youth in Jamaica. Opportunity is also given to sponsor continuing education in Jamaica.


RGMMI is a ministry in India under the jurisdiction of the Apostolic Christian Church of America elder body. One area of outreach is schools. An English Medium School offering English classes to students in the first six grades. This is located on the Khardi campus. Vocational programs in the areas of electrical and computer training are offered on the Nashik campus. A pre-kindergarten nursery school has recently opened on the Nashik campus. Domiciliary programs are provided for young people in the rural areas where RGMMI has established a number of prayer halls. These are similar to tutor programs to assist students in completing lessons at area schools. HarvestCall provides financial support to RGMMI.

El Colegio de las Américas
 de Ixtlán

The school began in August 2009 with eight students in first grade and has grown to 174 students in grades 1-9. El Colegio de las Américas is a Christian Private school that is focused on teaching biblical values to students while providing a solid education which is often difficult to find in Mexico.

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