Sponsoring Continuing Education

Help those in the Deaf community in Jamaica find acceptance and opportunity in the surrounding hearing culture through furthering their education at Montego Bay.

The Deaf have historically had limited access to Language, Affirmation, Community, and Knowledge (LACK). The schools of CCCD have bolstered this LACK to the best of their ability but there is still a need for continuing education to equip graduates for careers. Though their culture has told them that there are many things they can’t do, the efforts of Harvest Call and CCCD in Jamaica are proving that Deaf Can! There is growth in openess of Jamaicans to communicate, affirm, and accept the Deaf. They need specialized knowledge and skills to obtain opportunities to demonstrate their value.

By sponsoring continuing education courses at Montego Bay, Jamaica, you leverage the education that CCCD and HarvestCall Child Sponsorship have provided to sustain graduates and the scriptural principles of family and witness to the world around them. You are actually sponsoring the next generation: children in Christ-centered homes that you make possible.

You can partner with many others to provide funding for teachers and teaching supplies for the courses that are offered. As offerings grow we hope to offer sponsors a choice of subjects they would like to support. Each sponsor is asked to provide $50 per month.

We currently offer sponsorships for the following courses:

  • Food Preparation

If you have expertise in a particular area and can provide equipment or other useful instructional material, gifts in kind are another way of supporting the classes. Sea containers are shipped from our Goodfield distribution facility to Jamaica.

All classes will include outcomes common to the core secondary curriculum, bolstering communication skills and Biblical instruction.

Sponsors will be able to follow the progress of their class through:

  1. Class leader’s letter
  2. Class video project
  3. Class instructor’s letter
  4. Class profile updates

The most rewarding outcome anticipated from this program is when sponsors receive updates from graduates who have experienced opportunities and success as a direct result of their education.

Food Prep