Striving to be more effective stewards

In our roles as HarvestCall committee members, board directors, representatives or other leadership positions, it is important to regularly gain godly counsel from knowledgable, and seasoned Believers with expertise in cross-cultural ministry. 

Training Resources

Videos from The Chalmers Center's Helping Without Hurting seminar that explain how to help others without harming them (or ourselves) in the process. 

NOTE: access to seminar videos page is restricted. The password is the title to Zion's Harp #220, all one word, all lower case.

Text summary of When Helping Hurts. HarvestCall representatives and committee members who have access to HarvestCall's Box account can find a document in the "HarvestCall Shared Information" folder that summarizes the basic concepts from the book, as well as link to other available, brief videos for teams.

Are you a rep or committee member who doesn't yet have access to HarvestCall's Box? Contact us.

Sharing the Gospel

The study guides and training videos that were first used during our winter rebuilding ministries are now available for download and viewing on our website.