Understanding the Gospel

One of HarvestCall's Guiding Principles is to "promote a biblical understanding of outreach and service." While this certainly happens in general terms from pulpits Sunday after Sunday in our congregations, it is beneficial to have focused learning and tools on specific topics.

The starting point for sharing the gospel is truly understanding the gospel. It's a term we use often and most of us have a general grasp of it. But do we know it well enough to encourage ourselves in our faith, to teach it to our children, to bolster other believers, and to share it with the lost?

HarvestCall is working on a nine-part Bible study to equip the brotherhood to do this. Beta versions of the abbreviated lessons were tested with participants at our rebuilding ministry projects. These lessons were then revised based upon feedback received. 

The study guides and teaching videos from lessons 1-9 are available here.

Longer versions of each of these lessons are being developed so that churches can use them as in-depth studies similar to the “Crown Financial” study.