Our Missionaries

The past decade has seen tremendous growth in brethren serving full time in the cross-cultural ministries of Apostolic Christian Church.

Supporting those the church sends as missionaries is our responsibility and an example given us by the early church. We can support them in prayer, in fellowship, and financially. (See supporting verses below.)

Missionaries serving at an outreach of HarvestCall are financially supported via the Servant Fund. They receive a modest stipend on a monthly basis. Your financial contributions to the Servant Fund directly support the brethren as they minister to others on our behalf.

Are you considering missionary service? Learn about the process for becoming a missionary sent through HarvestCall.

Below is a list of those currently serving full-time through HarvestCall.

[Sending} Luke 10:2, [Early Church] 3 John 1:8, [Prayer] Col 4:2-4, [Fellowship] Acts 14:26-27, [Financial Support] Philippians 4:15-20

Serving in Haiti

 Les Cayes / Citè Lumiere

Sheila Moser 
Sending church: Sabetha, KS

Michael & Susie Walder
Sending church: Smithville, OH


Ed & Julie Sanders   
Sending church: Alto, MI

Isaac & Brittany Steiner 
Sending church: Rittman, OH

Serving in Haiti

 Torbeck - Good Vision Dairy Farm

Les & Christine Kaeb 
Sending church: Francesville, IN

Daryl & Deborah Knobloch 
Sending church: Bradford, IL

Eric & Melanie Stoller 
Sending church: Rittman, OH

Serving in Haiti

 Bonne Fin - Hospital Lumiere

Rick & Komari Aberle
Sending church: Sabetha, KS


Lucas & Raya Nussbaum
Sending church: Forrest, IL

Carrie Stoller
Sending church: Latty, OH

Danny & Sarah Bertsch 
Sending church: Bluffton, IN

Brett & Laura Herrmann 
Sending church: Kansas City, MO


Serving in Jamaica

Erin Davis
Sending church: Goodfield, IL


Blake & Tashi Widmer
Sending church: West Lafayette, IN


Seth Kaeb
Sending church: Gridley, IL



Serving in Mexico


Matt & Ruth Gerber
Sending church: Washington, IL



Magdalena / CVE


Nicole Knobloch
Sending church: Morton, IL


Seth & Jodi Gerber
Sending church: Milford, IN


Carissa Schlipf 
Sending church: Champaign, IL 

Jon & Berenice Aupperle 
Sending church: Peoria, IL

Todd and Zoe Stoller 
Sending church: Princeville, IL


Duane and Ann Wulf 
Sending Church: Lester, IA 



Adam & Jenna Leman 
Sending church: Bluffton North, IN



Kendra Neihouser 
Sending church: Morton, IL


Denver & Katie Slagel
Sending church: Silverton, OR


Miguel & Laura Aviña 
Sending church: Forrest, IL


Jason & Georgina Grassi 
Sending church: Peoria, IL



Keith & Alisa Beyer
Sending church: Leo, IN


Scott Kieser 
Sending church: Morton, IL

Cassidy Wulf 
Sending church: Magdalena, MX

Adam & Belinda Kaeb  
Sending church: Cissna Park, IL

Andy & Erin Ott  
Sending church: Congerville, IL

Serving in Japan

Rachel Witzig   
Sending church: Washington, IL


Learn about AC missionaries - where they are from, where they are serving, etc. Click icon to see full size.

Prayer Tools

Pray for our missionaries

Missionary Support Card Packs are available at your local church - your HarvestCall Representative can order more if they are gone. We issue update kits every six months or so as the missionary roster changes.

Prayer requests for all ACCA missions

The AC Central mobile app includes a Prayer section that provides a daily prayer request from a national ACCA outreach ministry (HarvestCall, Gateway Woods, Lifepoints or ACCFS) and can provide reminders to pray at a specified time.

Another way to pray for our missionaries.

Get a one-page sheet listing all those serving, appropriate for posting on your refridgerator or your church's bulletin board.


Learn about the missionary experience

Hear the stories of our missionaries in Mexico, Haiti, and Jamaica as they relate how God called them, prepared them, taught them, and grew them. Gain insights into ways we can support our missionaries and hear their advice for those considering full-time missionary service.

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