Distribute Food, Clothing & Supplies

HarvestCall's National Distribution Center Committee coordinates the overall operations of six distribution centers in the United States.

The centers receive material donations from individuals and corporations, including food products, medical supplies, clothing, and household items. Donated items are sorted and packed for distribution. The centers also produce or assemble products such as kits, soup, canned meat, soap, etc. Each center has specialized activities unique to their center and also specific items that they collect at their center.

Items donated or assembled at the centers find their way to those in need locally, nationally, and internationally. Volunteers donate time and resources to transport products on a route between the centers. When products are delivered between the centers, the packages collected and shipped contain a variety of goods and each center has a greater opportunity for distribution to other areas of the country and world. For example, a boy in Haiti received materials shipped from one of distribution centers, but it contained a variety of goods from several centers, including canned meat, packaged meals of soup, and homemade soap. Blessings are received both by those who fellowship with brethren while donating their time to help at the centers, and by the recipients of the products packaged. It also helps fulfill Jesus' command, “For I was ahungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink…” (Matt 25:35).

Each distribution center has their own local board and a coordinator. The National Distribution Center Coordinator Committee is comprised of these six coordinators under the oversight of a counseling eder. (This committee also supports the distribution efforts in Athens, Alabama.) The goal is to help the distribution centers work together to support the goals and objectives of HarvestCall.

Meat Canning

Learn more about the large meat canning project, done at the Rittman center.

Soup Packing

Learn more about the assembly of packaged meals, done at several centers.