Soup Packing

Packaged Meals such as Rice Pilaf and Vegetable Barley

Soup packing is a project at several of the Distribution Centers. In addition, many churches within several hours of a Distribution Center request soup packing ingredients and supplies. Then, they assemble soup at their own location and return the finished product to the Distribution Center or distribute the soup locally.

The Soup Packing Process

Labels with the soup ingredients and cooking instructions are printed and placed on bags.

The ingredients are lined up on a table in large containers with the correct measuring scoop in each container. Rice Pilaf includes rice, TVP (textured vegetable protein), and bouillon. Other soups, such as Vegetable Barley involve more ingredients, including barley, dried carrots & potatoes & peas & celery, rice, TVP, bouillon, onion flakes, and garlic seasoning.

The workers walk along the table and fill a bag with a scoop of each ingredient.

The bags are sealed.

The bags are packed into buckets or boxes.

 Soup packing volunteers and recipients Soup packing is a project that both adults and children can participate in. Even some of our nursing homes have participated in soup packing with their residents. Soup is distributed locally and around the world to those in need.

If you would like to be involved with soup packing, contact the coordinator of the Distribution Center nearest you.