Below are questions about the transition from World Relief / Mission Committee to HarvestCall 

Who owns HarvestCall? Who are they accountable to?
Just like with WR and MC, the integrated HarvestCall organization is under the authority of the Apostolic Christian Church of America with spiritual oversight provided by the elder body. Direct governance is provided by a board of directors and regional committees. Day-to-day management is provided by an Executive Director and his staff.

How is our congregation connected to this new organization?
HarvestCall was built upon World Relief’s organizational framework, with some modifications. As such, your local World Relief representative became your HarvestCall representative. In addition, the HarvestCall board includes ten directors who each represent a region consisting of approximately eight congregations.

How should our congregation handle the transition from formerly taking collections for World Relief and Missions to now taking collections for HarvestCall?
We encourage churches to simply rename their World Relief and Mission Committee/Mission Fund collections as HarvestCall. Our recommendation is for each congregation to take two HarvestCall collections each year and one Servant Fund collection. (Or more, if your congregation so wishes.) For simplicity, all special WR/MC related collections (for ministries of national scope) should continue as before, sending the funds to the HarvestCall treasurer. Some examples would be Bible Distribution, CVE, and the Servant Fund.

If your congregation had previously had annual special collections for specific ministry programs, such as Hospital Lumiere, Lifeline, Eastern Europe, Haiti Trade Schools, etc., feel free to continue doing so.

Can I designate where my money goes?
Absolutely. If you have a heart for a particular ministry program, designate it by writing it in your check memo, or choosing it from the drop-down list when donating by credit card. If you have a HarvestCall remittance envelope, you can also use that to designate how you want your money used.

Can I specify that my donation go to only former World Relief activities but NOT former Mission Committee activities, or vice versa?
The artificial “wall” separating material-only work from spiritual-only work has been taken down. World Relief and Mission Committee are now fully integrated, meaning that when reaching out to help others, we will always be considering both their material and spiritual needs so the option to specifically give to either/or will no longer exist.

While you can not compartmentalize your donations in that manner (material vs. spiritual), you can specify which ministry programs your donations go to and there is a considerable range of programs from Bible Distribution to Water Aid.

Where does money in the General Fund go?
Money given to HarvestCall’s General Fund, and any money that is not otherwise specifically designated, supports all of HarvestCall’s outreach activities. The HarvestCall board distributes the funds among all the committees using a formula created during the annual budgeting process. The General Fund includes all former World Relief regions and their ministries – USA, Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Child Sponsorship, Medical and International Grants – and since spiritual outreach is now incorporated into everything HarvestCall does, the General Fund also covers former Mission Committee initiatives, such as Bible distribution and the Church Establishment Committee responsible for bolstering small churches and planting new ones.

Where should funds from church collections be sent?
Please send them to Nile Bucher, HarvestCall’s treasurer, at this address:
711 Elm Street
Bluffton, IN 46714

Will HarvestCall have the same tax number as did World Relief?
Yes. The AC World Relief corporation was renamed AC HarvestCall, but it is still the same 501(c)(3) with the same FEIN as before.

If someone has various documents such as trusts, wills, life insurance, etc. which specify AC World Relief as beneficiaries, will they need to be changed to HarvestCall or can they be left as WR?
They can be left as they are. The revised by-laws address this question; in essence there is no need to modify gifts that are earmarked for either World Relief or Mission Committee as provision has been made for this situation.

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