Plant Churches

Over 90 Apostolic Christian Churches are operational today throughout the world.

In the last couple decades, new churches were started in Mexico in Magdalena, Ixtlan, and Barra Vieja.

Moving forward the HarvestCall’s Church Establishment Committee (CEC) will have responsibility for new church planting efforts under the direction of an elder assigned by the elder body. The Committee is praying for God’s direction and discernment regarding several locations in the United States. Then, other global locations will be considered with the help of our Regional Committees.

Scriptural Principles

The scripture is clear that “We do not establish churches. God and Christ do. We are simply their hands on earth. (Psalm 127:1). Any church, new or old, large or small, local or distant, is built on Jesus and His doctrine or it is not a Church. It is Christ’s will that His gospel be proclaimed and that all should be saved. “The Lord is...not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” (II Peter 3:9) Read more about the Scriptural Principles.

Church Planting Framework

Through studying the scriptures and recent history of the start of our small churches, four key attributes are needed for congregations to thrive and become self-sustaining churches:

  1. Critical mass of believers
  2. Local ministry / leadership
  3. Common purpose or Vision for outreach and
  4. Deep and abiding love for God and each other

These attributes will guide efforts to start new churches. A sub-committee will be formed and include resources from the CEC. To share in the workload of planting a church, two elders will be utilized. All of the members in our current churches will be asked to be engaged in the vision of starting new churches.

Be Engaged and Answer God’s Call

Church planting efforts involve everyone in our churches throughout the world to be successful. Pray for the work, move if you are called by the Lord, encourage others, visit the new church congregation and give financial support to name just a few. Read more about how you can help.

Are you being called to move to an area where a church is being started? If so,

A History of Planting Churches

Planting churches for the Apostolic Christian Church dates back to the mid-1800’s when Benedict Weyeneth, who was sent by Samuel Froelich, came to America from Europe and helped establish 24 churches in 8 states over a 21 year period. It was not an easy task to travel, but everywhere he went, the seeds of the Gospel were planted. When people responded to the Lord, he nurtured and baptized new believers. Elders were ordained, churches flourished and the Word continued to be spread. As the local churches grew and reached a critical mass, the outreach into the surrounding communities blossomed. Today, over 200 years later, through men answering Jesus’ call, over 90 Apostolic Christian Churches have been started throughout the world.