A picture is worth a thousands words. Moving pictures accomplish even more.

Learn about various HarvestCall ministry programs by viewing the short videos below.

The Missionary Experience

Watch testimonies from our missionaries serving in Haiti and Mexico about how God called them, led them to serve, the challenges they have faced and how God has proven himself faithful.

Chester, SC Homeowner Testimonials

A Day in the Life of a Sponsored Child

Distribution Centers


Jamaica: Deaf CAN! Coffee

Introducing HarvestCall 

Jamaica - CCCD

Hospital Lumiere

Child Sponsorship

Disaster Rebuilding

Haiti Construction

CVE Childrens Home

A video is available about CVE, but we are unable to have it posted on the Internet due to regulations about children's privacy. If you'd like to have the CVE video shown at your church along with a presentation about this ministry, please contact CVE directly to arrange for that.