Give Access to Clean Water

HarvestCall's Water Aid ministry exists to provide needy Haitians with safe, clean water within walking distance. Understanding the risk of unsanitary drinking water, in the name of Jesus Christ, we wish to provide drilling equipment, supplies, and training of the Haitians to drill wells for themselves.

The drilling project in Haiti consists of an outreach of the Missionary Evangelical Baptist of South Haiti (MEBLH) church, through Integrated Rural Development (IRD). IRD employs six well drillers, a secretary and a manager in the drilling program. All of the day-to-day activities along with the program remains conducted and managed by the Haitians. To drill wells for public communities and schools in areas where no clean water exists is their primary mission.

The community typically pays as much as they can afford for the well but this price rarely reflects the true cost of drilling. Without the materials supplied by HarvestCall, these communities could not possibly obtain a well in their locality. Some wells, drilled for private individuals, usually demand a higher price but are not subsidized by HarvestCall. This project uniquely exists as a Haitian-run program with Haitian drillers providing water for Haitian communities. Centered in Les Cayes, Haiti, the drilling operation completes most the work within several-hour drive of Cayes. The drivers may stay overnight in the community when the travel distances are long.

HarvestCall provides a supporting role to IRD in several aspects. Supplied to the Haitians: drilling equipment, supplies, training and maintenance support. Funded as an on-going basis from HarvestCall, we keep the equipment running with drilling supplies and parts. As major equipment needs arise, we request funds to allow us to purchase and prepare new equipment for shipment to Haiti.

Typically, three work teams are sent to Haiti each year review the operation, make repairs to the equipment and meet with IRD to understand their needs. To build the Haitian’s knowledge of drilling techniques and the equipment they are using, these teams also conduct training seminars. By spending time at many of the drill sites, we give testimony of the value of this project and the true need of the Haitian people for safe, drinking water. The work teams allow us to provide accountability to the Haitians along with serving to renew our interest and enthusiasm for the project.

Lifeline Water Treatment Program

Safe drinking water is one of the biggest challenges facing the people of Haiti. Contaminated water used for drinking and cooking is a leading cause of illness among the Haitian people. Lifeline started a program to help address this problem by providing materials for treating water to make it safe for human consumption.

The process uses chlorine tablets and involves passing water through a simple filtration system that the Haitian people can perform themselves once they are trained to do so.  The system uses ordinary 5 gallon buckets for both collecting and storing the water once it has been properly filtered.  Lifeline hopes to be able to provide one of these filtration systems to each home in the small villages in and around Dumay.

If you are interested in making a donation towards this effort, or if you are interested in joining a Lifeline work team traveling to Dumay, please contact HarvestCall or the Lifeline Board.