Pricing and Sponsor Expectations

As many of you may realize, as a student advances through the grades from primary to secondary and ultimately to a trade school or university, the tuition and fees increase substantially.

In an effort to meet inflationary concerns and to provide appropriate funding, our fees for sponsorship are continually monitored and occasionally increased as needs arise. The fees differ according to country and grade level of the students. 

For Guatemala, Mexico, and Zambia, all grades are $35 per month. Also, all grades in Jamaica are $30 per student unit per month.

For Haiti, the fees for primary grades (1-6) are priced at $35, the fees for secondary grades (7-11) are priced at $40 per month, the fees for high school grades (12-13) are priced at $45 per month. The rate for trade schools is $35.  

Current Rates/Month
Guatemala (all grades)
Haiti (grades 1-6)
Haiti (grades 7-11)
Haiti (grades 12-13)
Haiti Trade Schools
Jamaica (all grades
per sponsorship unit)
Mexico (all grades)
Zambia (all grades)
School Sponsorship

While the Committee is extremely reluctant to raise prices, many students are severely challenged to pay tuition and still have money for books and uniforms. We will continue to evaluate student needs along with our costs and will do what we can to keep student sponsorships as affordable as possible.

  1. When you become a sponsor and are assigned a child in a primary grade (1-6th grades), your cost will be $35 per month in all countries except Jamaica where the cost per month is $30.
  2. As your child advances to the secondary education level (7-13th grades), costs will increase by up to $10 per month, depending on the country.
  3. If your child decides to pursue a post-secondary education at a trade school, costs will be in the $35-$60 per month range, depending on the country and type of school. You will be given an opportunity at that point to continue to sponsor the education for your young adult, or you may decide to begin sponsoring a new child in a primary grade.
  4. For students who decide to pursue a university education, the costs can increase substantially, up to $100-$150 per month. Again, you will be given an opportunity to continue to sponsor the education for your young adult, or you may decide to begin sponsoring a new child in a primary grade.
  5. If a current sponsor decides to discontinue a child’s sponsorship beyond the secondary grades, we will utilize this website to attract new sponsors who may be interested in investing in that child’s continuing post-secondary education (trade school and/or university).

Many more Children are Hoping for Sponsors

While an education gives them an opportunity to become productive adults, a Christ-centered education may be their only chance to hear the Gospel, which can save them from eternal destruction.

Please prayerfully consider becoming a sponsor for a child in need. Who knows . . . by helping one child, you may be able to impact hundreds of others in the future.