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Volunteers staff our office in Morton Monday through Thursday at varying hours. Please leave a message if you do not receive an immediate answer to your phone call. All correspondence, including payments and suggestions for improvement should be sent to the office via your desired method (mail, phone, or e-mail)

Apostolic Christian HarvestCall
Child Sponsorship Program
PO Box 36
Morton, IL 61550

phone: (309) 266-6080
email: childsponsorship@harvestcall.org

Child Sponsorship Committee Members:

Ken & Devon Rinkenberger, Morton, IL
Rich & Amber Pfister, Bluffton, IN
Mark & Cathy Kieser, Peoria, IL
Chuck & Kathy Koch, Tremont, IL
Tom Neuenschwander, Bluffton, IN
Steve & Renee Schlipf, Gridley, IL
Neal & Kris Widmer, West Lafayette, IN
Bill (Chair) & Anna Schmidgall, Fairbury, IL