Minister Rotation

The Apostolic Christian Church of America through HarvestCall offers support to congregations with few or no ministers through a minister rotation program.

In this program, ministers from larger congregations serve the receiving congregations by travelling to the area and having Sunday worship services for the local congregation. The receiving churches choose the number of rotations they desire for the year, and the larger churches share their preferences regarding serving on these rotations. Those that do not have web access or email are provided hard copy schedules and updates when there are changes. A centralized schedule for minister rotations is available below. The centralized scheduling helps level the load, considers serving church preferences, and provides timely publication of the complete schedule. Contact information for each congregation is available in the “travel details” portion of the website and the administrator of the Minister rotation website can be contacted at The basic goal of this endeavor is to glorify God and support and encourage the brethren.

Download: Minister Rotation Guidelines

To request an At Large Trade

If you wish to trade a rotation, please contact another serving church that is willing to trade with you. Once the trade works for both congregations, please contact the receiving church to inform them of the trade. Then email with the trade information and the schedule will be updated.

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