Making Kits

Health Kits, School Kits, Layette Kits, etc.

Kits make a perfect local HarvestCall project because they can be made by anyone in any location. They are a special way to give a personal gift to someone in need. Kit instructions explain a few essential supplies to pack for a specific need, such as health or school.

Health kits contain items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, comb, soap, and deodorant. School kits contain items such as notebooks, pencils, pens, erase, ruler, scissors, and crayons.

Specific instructions for the kits help to ensure that the kit supplies are the most helpful and applicable to therecipients. For example, items in the Haiti Secondary School kit differ slightly from the items in the Mexico School kit.

Kits can be assembled at home by individuals or items may be purchased in quantity and a group can package kits via a small assembly line. Depending on the kit, the items are packed in a pillowcase, Ziplock bag, backpack, or drawstring bag. Drawstring bags are often sewn which is another opportunity for a HarvestCall work night or a way for individuals to contribute by sewing bags at home.

Before Making Kits . . . Go to the Resources page for detailed instructions for making kits.

Because there are many different kinds of kits made by brethren in many different locations, there is a coordinator to ensure that HarvestCall does not end up with a shortage of one type of kit and an abundance of another type of kit.

Please contact Sis Carol Indermuhle at 330-658-4731 or before making any kits.

Steps for Making Kits

  1. Determine which type of kit and how many you or your group is interested in making and contact Sis. Carol Indermuhle.
  2. Order labels for your completed kits. This greatly aids the Distribution Centers in knowing what is in theboxes of kits and in getting the kits to the appropriate destination.
  3. Purchase supplies for the kits. School supplies can often be purchased for a good price during the back-to-school sales. Bags for the kits can be made or inexpensive bags can be purchased at Instructions for making bags can be found on the Resources page.
  4. Create an assembly line to pack the kits.
  5. Completed kits can be delivered to the Distribution Center nearest you. With the proper label, they will be routed to the appropriate collection site. (In general, Mexico and Jamaica kits are shipped from the Goodfield Center and Haiti Kits from the Bluffton Center.)