Missionary & Volunteer Openings

The Scripture calls Christians to be laborers in the Kingdom of God
here on earth.  

“Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest." Luke 10:2

The Apostolic Christian Church, through HarvestCall, is seeking to fulfill this Scripture as we reach out to the lost and needy in the U.S. and in foreign lands. With the growth of outreach opportunities and increase in number of people being called to serve, we have developed a comprehensive process for all aspects of serving, from the initial calling, selection, sending and support. An Outreach Selection Committee (OSC) has been established to meet with all candidates, regardless of service location or position.

Learn how to become involved in missionary service.

If you feel led to serve in a short, intermediate or long-term capacity, please prayerfully consider the following needs:

Long Term Service (years)

  • Communications Coordinator

    Casa Vida Y Esperanza; Magdalena, MX, is seeking a full-time Communications Coordinator to support web development activities and to produce relevant and up-to-date material that can be shared with our church body and the public.Communications coordinator qualifications include:Member in good-standing; experience writing articles for publicationsExperience with web development or supporting web developmentGood communication, teamwork and conflict management skillsAbility to speak or willingness ...

  • Caregiver

    CVE, a childrens home in Mexico, presently is seeking married couples or singles who are willing to answer the call and share their God-given spiritual gifts in the harvest as houseparents.

  • Assistant Caregiver Opening

    Assistant Caregiver Opening at Casa Vida Y Esperanza; Magdalena, MXSeeking caregiver assistants, single or married, willing to provide a Christ-centered family-like home for children who have been removed from their biological families.A caregiver’s qualifications include:Member in good-standing;Dedication and love for children and young people;Good communication, teamwork and conflict management skills;Openness to learn, self-motivation and flexibility;Ability to speak or willingness to l...

  • Assistant Farm Manager

    The Haiti Dairy Program near Les Cayes is seeking a full-time missionary with Agronomy and/or Dairy Herd Health expertise.Overall HarvestCall Missionary Purpose: The primary purpose of a HarvestCall missionary is to proclaim Christ and serve others. In fulfillment of HarvestCall's mission, all missionary roles are purposed toward the sharing of the gospel, the discipleship of believers, and the demonstration of the love of Christ through deeds of compassion.Role Purpose: Join the H...

  • Director of Operations at Hospital Lumiere, Haiti

    Seeking to fill this full-time paid position at Hospital Lumiere in Haiti. Qualifications include: knowledge and understanding of business administration including financial control and accounting, general knowledge of human resource management, business work processes, ability to lead and manage people, be a believer in Jesus Christ, willing and capable of learning the Creole language and Haitian culture, willingness to reside in Haiti (with your spouse/family if applicable) for minimum of 3 ye...

  • Medical Director

    A licensed physician is needed for the position of Medical Director at Hospital Lumiere in Haiti. 

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Intermediate-Term Service (months)

  • Medical Department Intern

    Seeking an energetic, self-motivated, responsible Believer to fill the position of Medical Department Intern at Hospital Lumiere in Haiti for a term of 6 months beginning approximately January 2018. Responsibilities include helping the Medical Director with staff scheduling, communications between departments (Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiology, Lab), monitoring inventories and medical supplies and various other responsibilities. Education or experience in some field of medicine is desired but no...

  • Short Term Missionary

    Short Term Missionary Opening at Casa Vida Y Esperanza; Magdalena, MX Seeking short-term missionaries willing to live and serve at CVE for one year to support a variety of activities around campus. Short Term Missionary qualifications include: Member in good-standing;Dedication and love for children and young people;Good communication, teamwork and conflict management skills;Openness to learn, self-motivation and flexibility;Ability to speak or willingness to learn Spanish.Respons...

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Short-Term Service (weeks – months)

  • Professionals in the Medical Field (Short Term)

    Professionals with training, skills and experience in the medical field who have a desire to serve at Hospital Lumiere in Haiti are encouraged to contact us. Terms of service are very flexible, ranging from 1-2 weeks to several months. Current specific needs include: any board certified physician surgeon or specialist, ultrasound technician or anesthesia provider (Anesthesiologist and CRNA’s).If you are led to the mission field but your skill set and qualifications are not a good match for...

  • "Grandparent" Support

    Casa Vida y Esperanza, in Magdalena de Kino, Mexico, is seeking mature mentors to come alongside the staff and children to serve as onsite, "grandparents" through consistent visits and interactions.  It is a deep desire from the staff for older brothers and/or sisters onsite for short term visits to support them and bring deeper experience and spiritual counsel from a generation that doesn’t currently exist on-staff at CVE.  Many of the children do not come from a funct...

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