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    Joy Camp at CVE

    The joy of the LORD is your strength. Neh 8:10 

    Modeling the Emotion of Joy

    We all appreciate moments of heartfelt joy, a good belly laugh, invigorating teamwork, or soul sharing with a close friend. For children who have grown up in an environment of fear, the emotion of joy can be foreign and difficult.

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    Sharing the Gospel at Hospital Lumiere

    Marie Jacques found herself in a difficult situation.After falling in her yard, she did not seek medical attention soon enough. When she did, gangrene and other complications had set in and she found herself bedridden at Hospital Lumiere.Treating Body and SoulThe mission of Hospital Lumiere is to provide excellent and effective medical care with compassion and Christian love. Thankfully Marie has made progress at the hospital and is now able to move about again with a walker.

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    Small flock in Barra Vieja

    About forty-five minutes from Acapulco, nestled along Mexico’s sandy Pacific coast, lies Barra Vieja. In contrast with modern Acapulco, Barra Vieja seems quiet and quaint. Most of the business is fishing, agriculture, and seafood restaurants. Yet, something much more significant is going on here. 

    Barra Vieja and the neighboring town, Las Lomas, are home to four baptized members of the Apostolic...

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    Simone Orphanage

    The Simone Orphanage is a short walk from Citi Lumiere, the compound in Les Cayes which is the home base for our HarvestCall ministries in that part of Haiti. Simone Orphanage is home to approximately 30 orphaned young girls. The residents receive an education and instruction in God’s Word.Some former residents now attend college, and some have developed professional skills and are now providing for a family while contributing to society with their God-given talents.Some years ago a France...

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    Waiting Five Years for Relief from Pain

    Sylnis Idernier became a Christian as a young man, and believes he is now 81 years old (frequently Haitians do not know exactly how old they are). In 2010, Sylnis came to Hospital Lumière in search of surgery to correct a hernia. However, because he did not have the money to pay for the surgery he was not able to receive the care he needed as there was no financial assistance available to help him.At times, the pain and discomfort of his problem prevented Sylnis from working but he did not give ...

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    In Pain - Looking for Help

    Five-year-old Betchinie Blanchard was in pain. Family members brought her to Hospital Lumiere seeking help. As it turned out, Betchinie's abdominal pain and other symptoms were the result of malnourishment, a tragedy all too common in Haiti. During her month of treatment at Hospital Lumiere, Betchinie received medication, milk and food. She was very eager to eat, even when the food was too hot and she would continue eating after her little belly was full. Betchinie responded well to the care she received and is now thriving again.

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    Building Up Haitian Communities

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be on a construction work team in Haiti? Or perhaps you've heard that we have Apostolic Christian brethren serving in Les Cayes, Haiti, but aren't sure what they are doing.Our short video gives an overview of HarvestCall's construction ministry and shows how putting roofs on schools touches lives -- of the Haitians and the team participants.For we are labourers together with God: ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building. 1 Cor.

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    Providing clean water in the name of Jesus

    “And God opened her eyes and she saw a well of water: and she went, and filled the bottle with water, and gave the lad drink” Genesis 21: 19Can you imagine walking a mile or more just to get water for your daily needs such as drinking? Here in America we just turn the faucet in our homes and out pours clean water! But most Haitians rely on community wells for their water and the well may be far away so it is tempting for them to take their water from a contaminated source such as a stream..

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    Jamaican Children’s Transitional Home

    A burden has been placed on the Jamaican HarvestCall missionaries and Caribbean Committee to establish a “safe place” for Jamaican children. Plans have begun with Jamaica CDA (Child Development Agency) to open a transitional home for babies (0-2) who need a temporary place to stay. Sis. Erin Davis plans to live in and provide a home where babies can be safe, loved and cared for, and stimulated properly in those first crucial months of life. Whether they need to stay for a few days, weeks, or months, a safe...

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    Opportunities to Help, Close to Home

    WORKING THROUGH OUR DISTRIBUTION NETWORK:  Most likely you've heard about children from various places who are cold or hungry. You may have wondered, "How can I help?" Perhaps you've read about our Distribution Centers that send food, comforters, and other items to those in need and thought, "That sounds wonderful, but I don't live near any Distribution Center." Did you know that any of our churches, no matter the size or location, can contribute items to a Distribution Center? Health, Scho...

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    Providing hope & opportunity

    Haiti Trade Schools. Most of us have had educational opportunities from childhood to young adulthood, first in elementary education programs and then in secondary education, either in college programs, or skilled trades that enable us to make a living. Imagine a country where no national education system exists, less than half of the children receive any education, most of the people are illiterate and poverty is widespread.

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